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The Researching Meaning of Crushing Theory

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 25 Sep 2012 05:43:22

The difference of crushing function is mainly behaved in some aspects as following: crushing effect refers to make materials which can be expected to realize the reasonable function, that is to say, the shape and material particle size are planed and have the reasonable design in the process of production line. Because of the unexpected function in the production line, that is the reason why the theory research cannot be stopped all the time.

hammer crusher

The history of theory research has been existing for such a long time, and there are so many experts who have ever provided a lot of reasonable and valuable theory achievements in the past no matter whether they are at home and abroad. But those achievements cannot be directly used in the design of practically crushing machine and be the parameter of the crushing process, which just can be the referential element in the process of crushing design and which also cannot be covered all of the crushing designs. So that is the reason why we pay much more attention to the theory research of the crushing machine and focus on producing the crushing equipment at the same time.

At this right minute, the national experts provide the crushing mechanism analysis method from the different points which have the different insight, even though this imagination still has not the practical example which can prove its effect, those theory research will be proved gradually with the social development in the future, which will be used in the practical process. We cannot refute that the crushing theory research has been filled in the new blood and enthusiasm. The mechanism analysis method will be adapt to the practical demand of the production at some level according to the concept, which also can provide the new theory for the crushing mechanism method.

To the theory research of continuous crushing function, we should analysis the research of the distribution of the retention time and research the speed change of crushing machine which can lead the changing principle of retention volume in cabinet and discharging product size, which also includes the research of dynamic characteristics of crushing machine. We should pay our attention to the research and inspection of the working theory of crushing machine, and the crushing theory research will become more and more comprehensive in the future with the rapid development of the science and technology.

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