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Three Practical Ways of Enhancing Production Capacity of Ball Mill

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 11 Sep 2012 11:50:08

Enhancing the production efficiency of the ore beneficiation equipment such as ball mill has become one of the inevitable development tendencies in the present highly-efficient society. However, the improvement of the production efficiency of ball mill is not just an empty talk; the realization will have specific operation and setting. Here Hongxing Machinery will offer three practical ways of improving the production capacity of the ball in order to create more values for the customers.


Way One: reasonably equip a complete set of ball mill equipment production line. In addition, according to the noises of the machine, the workers can adopt electric ear for the control of the electromagnetic vibrating feeder or the belt feeder, so that the materials in the mill can be proper and the materials are fed into the machine in an even manner in order to improve the output of the grinding mill.

Way Two: strengthen the air flow of the ball mill equipment. The certain air speed inside the grinder can make sure that the micro powders produced in the powder grinding process can be brought away in time for the purpose of improving the powder grinding efficiency and improving the quality of the products.

Way Three: the water inside the ball mill should be determined by the temperature of the machine. In addition, the quantity of the water spraying should be determined by the temperature of the materials that go into the mill. If the materials have very high temperature, the water can be sprayed from the head of the mill, and generally speaking, the water is sprayed from the bottom of the mill. Water spraying inside the ball mill can improve the production capacity by 6%~9%.

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