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Gravel Production Line Develops Toward the Automation

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 03 Sep 2012 05:34:16

The equipment of gravel production line is the important equipment tool for the raw material of the national construction, which has been playing one important role in the process of country's construction. At this right minute, the level of our mining machinery is still in a period of rapid development; especially the equipment of the sand and gravel production line could be improved and innovated, so there still is a long way to go if we want to reach the level of developed countries. Comparing with the international brands, there is a big gap between them and us, and the gap is mainly reflected in the aspects of dust pollution and the manufacturing industry, and the later is belonging to one of the most improvable orientation in the direction of the national enterprises. Reducing the energy consumption is the most important thing in order to achieve energy conservation when the mechanical work is the key to the equipment of our mining machinery on the aspect of energy efficiency, which requires the whole innovation of our national mining industry.

The gravel production line is major equipment for building sand and stone, which can save energy of 50% comparing with the traditional sand maker. The engineering staff should do best to improve the traditional sand maker by and taking the combination of the technology coming from the home and abroad in order to realize the automation of the gravel production line, which can crush the rock, sand and gravel, river pebbles into the aggregate that can satisfy the demand of the customer. The aggregate made by the gravel production line has many advantages of uniform particle size and high compressive strength, which can make the customers being more satisfied with the finished products than the natural sand and the general hammer and which can improve the quality of building construction. The equipment has many advantages of reliable characteristics, reasonable design, easy operation and high efficiency. The gravel production line is entering into the feeder, jaw crusher and impact crusher according to the order and the customer can get the coarse aggregate by vibrating screen, which has to be poured into the sand washer in order to get the fine aggregate that the customer is looking for.

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