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Listening to the Sound of the Primary-level Workers

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 28 Aug 2012 05:35:41

I have been working in the field of mining machinery for many years, which makes me realize the importance of the craftsmanship and the primary-level worker in the practical process of production. Hongxing mining machinery has got into the habit of listening to the recommendation of the primary-level workers who actively improve the technology of the products in order to get the praise coming from the customers. The fast development of the company cannot get rid of the progress of the primary-level workers who make a big contribution to the strategies and plans of the company.

The continuous development of the company cannot neglect the continuous improvement of the technology of the products and the workers, which need to draw into the new blood for the administration and the export on the technology. That is the reason why our company must train the employers once they entered into our company, and the primary-level worker is the key of controlling the quality, whose every behavior is related to the quality of the products and who is the direct witness of the products, and who can have the direct emotional acknowledgement to the products. So the company patiently listens to the recommendation of those primary-level workers who come up with new measures of improving the technology and the creativity of the products and whose recommendation can be achieved the reply coming from the high management, which is one way to improve the enthusiasm and activity of the employers and one way to improve the working efficiency, which can help us to boost the development and popularity of the company.

Our company products all kinds of machines of mining machinery, such as the series of crushing machine, sand maker, ore-dressing machine and powder-grinding machine, which can give us much more confidence and can realize that the stronger Hongxing can pay much more attention to the much more and better products in the future. Of course, every product cannot get rid of the effort coming from the employers, and the company also can understand their pursuits for the material and the emotional, so that is the reason why the company tries her best to help them solve the actual difficulty and adversity on the way to success. The prospect of the company is becoming better and better, which can make them be filled with confidence and hope for the future of the company and actively does their best to make contribution to the whole development of the company which hopes that more and more talents of mining machinery can pour into the industry and dedicate for the sustainable development of the whole society.

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