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Relationship of Motor Efficiency and Productivity of Ball Mill

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 21 Aug 2012 12:56:20

On the condition that the operational frequency of the transducer remains unchanged, the efficiency of the motor can be improved by automatically adjusting the output voltage. Then to what degree can the motor efficiency be improved? It is necessary to analyze the motor efficiency of the ball mill.

ball mill

The efficiency and the power factors of the small and medium-sized asynchronous motor are load factor functions and the efficiency refers to the utility of the useful power when the motor is running and equals the ratio between the input power and the output power.

When the output power of the motor is definite, the efficiency of the motor is closely related to the gross consumption. When the gross consumption is high, the motor efficiency will be low; vice versa. The gross consumption of the motor is composed of two parts: fixed consumption and viable consumption. The fixed consumption will not change with the load of the motor and it can be referred to as the input power of the motor in open circulate operation, and the viable consumption is directly proportional to the square of the load ratio of the motor.

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