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Research on High-abrasive Materials of Crushing Machine Develops Fast

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 29 Jul 2012 07:14:58

In the mining production process, many spare parts of the equipment work in bad production environment. After the production technology is set, the durability of the spare parts will be one of the factors determining the production of the industrial development and reducing the cost. It is estimated that about 75% of the mechanical spare parts that are out of operation are caused by metal abrasion. For this reason, improving the antifriction ability of the metals and researching and manufacturing new type of high-abrasive metal is one of the important tasks in the research of the crushing machines.

With the reinforcement of the industrial production and the constant advancement of the materials science and technological science, the crushing equipment experts in many countries in the world have researched all kinds of anti-friction metal materials, which were developed on the practical bases of plain carbon steel and white cast iron. The organization of the white cast iron is that the hard metal supports the hard carbide materials so that the cast iron is able to stand up the abrasion. For this reason, in order to stand up the abrasion, the cast iron used in crushing equipment is often white cast iron. According to the using conditions, the white cast iron may not contain alloy elements, and may contain low, medium or high amount of alloy elements. The alloy cast metal makes full use of the effect of the alloy elements in the steel and iron for the purpose of gaining materials with various kinds of features in order to satisfy the production demands.

Due to high price of the alloy materials, the one-off investment and the effects of them on the durability of the spare parts should be taken into account when using them. As for some key easy-wearing spare parts, reasonably adopting high-content alloy or multi-component alloy is one of the important ways of satisfying the production demands. The American Metal Material Association points out that the year since 1990s and the coming 20 years will be the most active period for the development of new materials, which mainly focuses on four aspects of high-content alloy, high-functional polymer, composite materials and multi-element alloy materials, and among them, high-temperature alloy materials will account for over 60%. Many countries give priority to the new materials department when restructuring the industries and cut down the proportion of the investment in traditional metal materials year after year. At present, the research on the new materials for manufacturing the crushing equipment will be more and more, and the upgrading and updating of various materials will be faster and faster, which has profound significance to the development of the production of the crusher industry.

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