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Rock crushers

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 27 May 2012 11:02:39

An Overview of Rock Crusher:

Rock crushers, also called non-metallic mineral processing plants, are credited with a variety of environmental impacts: air pollution; ground and surface water contamination; solid and hazardous wastes; increased traffic to and from mining sites; and scenic degradation.

Rock crusher

Crushing is the process of transferring a force amplified by mechanical advantage through a material made of molecules that bond together more strongly, and resist deformation more, than those in the material being crushed do. Crushing devices hold material between two parallel or tangent solid surfaces, and apply sufficient force to bring the surfaces together to generate enough energy within the material being crushed so that its molecules separate from (fracturing), or change alignment in relation to (deformation), each other. The earliest crushers were hand-held stones, where the weight of the stone provided a boost to muscle power, used against a stone anvil.

Applications of Rock Crushers:

Crusher solution also named stone crushing solution or rock crusher solution is used widely in stone processing industry or mining industry. According to HX crushing equipments applications, we can divide crusher solution into metal ore crusher solution and non-metallic ore processing solution. In the crusher solution, we need crusher equipment, grinding machines, feeders, screening machinery, conveyor and washers etc.

Outstanding Features of Jaw Rock Crusher:

Rock crushers include jaw rock crusher, cone rock crusher, and mobile rock crusher and so on. Among the above crushers, jaw rock crusher is the most popular due to their excellent features which is listed below:

1. Crushing cavity is deep without dead zone. It is easier to feed materials and yield higher output.

2. Jaw rock crusher is featured with high crushing ratio and sound epigranularity.

3. The gasket type adjusting device of the discharge gate is characterized by reliable performance, convenient use, large adjusting range, and improves the equipment flexibility.

4. The lubricating system is safe and reliable. It makes it easier to replace components and requires little maintenance.

5. Jaw rock crusher features simple structure, reliable performance and low operating cost.

6. It is highly energy saving. A single machine saves 15%~30% of energy consumed and the system can save over half the energy consumed.

7. To meet different client needs, the discharge gate is designed with a large adjusting range.

8. Jaw rock crusher causes low noise and creates little dust.

Professional Rock Crusher Manufacturer-Hongxing Machinery

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of rock crushers, rock crushing equipment, portable rock crushers, mobile rock crushers, jaw rock crusher, impact rock crushers, hammers rock crushers, etc. This rock crushing equipment is fully equipped with advanced production and testing equipment, which offers the customers high production capacity and guarantees the quality of rock crushing equipment.

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