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Lubrication Maintenance of Grinding Machines

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 04 Apr 2012 06:32:43

According to the reason analysis of machine breakdown and the statistical data, the breakdowns resulting from incorrect lubrication account for more than eight percent. As for the fast running mining machines and equipment such as crushing and grinding machines, the lubrication maintenance seems much more important because the machine that has good lubrication maintenance will operate in a better state and in a higher efficiency and it also can extend the service life of the mining equipment. The following is the knowledge about lubrication maintenance about Raymond grinders for your reference:

Improving the lubricating system of the machine is to reduce the friction and wear and tear and improve the working efficiency of the equipment. When choosing the lubricating grease for the devices, several factors such as temperature, speed, workload and environment should be taken into consideration. Generally speaking, the grease is made up of base oil, thickener, stabilizer and additives and other substances. According to the difference of working surface and the working conditions, the maintenance can be divided into fluid moveable pressure, boundary and half liquid film lubrication. The lubricating methods are single and central two types. Usually, the viscosity index, viscosity and temperature coefficient than stick are used for measuring the advantages and disadvantages of the grease. According to its viscosity, it can be divided into heavy, medium and light quality. Professional responsible personnel should regularly, periodically, at fixed point and texture lubricate the Raymond mill.

The form of the commonly used lubricant is solid and oil mist lubricant. The former one refers to the lubricant that makes use of solid powder, film or composite material as the lubrication materials and it can be divided in to soft metals, metal compounds, non-metallic and other inorganic and organic matters these main four types; the latter mainly uses oil and mist lubricating equipment to transform the oil into mist form and transit and spread it into the lubricating parts, and its advantages are effective and high working efficiency, and what is more, it can produce a lot of heat in order to decrease the working temperature of the ball mill and bring with it the grinding materials and light dust particles and reduce the oil consumption.

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