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The Temperature Control of the Outlet of Preheater

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 31 Jul 2013 06:36:41

In the cement production line, the temperature of the outlet of the first level pre-heater is the temperature of the wastes gas leaving the pre-heater system, and it is one of the most important symbols of reducing the heat consumption of unit clinker. When the discharging account remains unchanged, it is an important reference of the air using quantity of the cement production line and is a symbol of heat exchange level of the pre-heater, and it creates ideal condition for the follow-up processing of waste gas. For this temperature, the lower, the better. Then how can we control it if it is very high?

(1) Improve the heat exchange ability and efficiency of the connecting pipes of all levels of pre-heaters. In the designing process, it is advisable to choose correct diameter and length and 18m/s is the most suitable air speed of the pipes. When the equipment designing is finalized, the total air using account should be proper in the operational process and when the kiln is stopped for examination, the operator should pay attention to the scattering effect when the materials go into the pipes.

(2) Improve the powder-selecting efficiency of all levels of cyclone cylinder in the cement production line. In the designing process, high powder separation efficiency and the cyclone cylinder with low resistance should be chosen. When the kiln is stopped, pay attention to the examination and timely changing of the internal cylinder, otherwise the cyclone cylinder is easily blocked.

(3) All the factors that influence the temperature of all levels of pre-heaters and the decomposing furnace and the kiln tail will indirectly influence the temperature of the output of the first level pre-heater.

(4) Pay attention to the balance of the outlet temperature of the two first-level pre-heaters.

(5) Minimize the amount of over-fine powders.

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