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Several Main Machines of Mining Machinery

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 06 Oct 2012 01:32:54

Hongxing Machinery is one main manufacturer in the national market, which mainly produces the mining machines such as cooling machine, rotary drum cooler, construction chute, gravity spiral chute and preheater. These machines are the important machines in the industry of mining machinery, which has helped the manufacturer to establish the relationship with many companies in recent years. Because of some different commendation of the customers, we should introduce some basic knowledge and information to the human beings who are looking for it.

cooling machine

The Application of Cooling Machine

The cooling machine is designed to reduce the temperature of hot filling drinks to 36-40, or to increase the temperature of cold filling carbonic acid drinks to 36 -- 40. It is used in PE bottled hot tea drinks and carbonic acid drinks cold filling production line. The machine can eliminate the condensed water on the external side of bottles, keep bottle clean and dry.

It has the same performance characteristics as the cooling machine that is based on advanced same technologies from Germany, Italy and Taiwan.

construction chute

The Basic Information of Construction Chute

Construction chute is the choice of suppliers & contractors throughout North America. Superb ease-of-use and durability provide a quick, clean and safe solution. Our design must be perfect to provide you the right tool for debris removal.

Construction chute which has the similar advantages of gravity spiral chute is tapered tubes that attach quickly and easily to one another by using built-in cable assemblies. Create chutes up to 200 ft. in length (see cable assemblies for important information on height limitations). Entry sections allow debris to be cleared from any floor level. Use chute Hoists to install and support the chute.

The Related Knowledge of Preheater

Preheater is a general term to describe some devices designed to heat air before another process (for example, combustion in a boiler) with the primary objective of increasing the thermal efficiency of the process. They may be used alone or to replace a recuperative heat system or to replace a steam coil. The purpose of preheater is to recover the heat from the boiler flue gas which increases the thermal efficiency of the boiler by reducing the useful heat lost in the flue gas.

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