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Main Characteristics of Ferroalloy Powerful Crusher

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 16 Jun 2013 08:10:11

The ferroalloy powerful crusher is a type of double-toggle simple-pendulum jaw crusher which is mainly composed of machine rack, movable jaw, connecting rod, toggle plate, adjustment part and transmission part. When this crusher works, the electric motor drives the eccentric shaft to rotate through the triangle belt and belt pulley, thus making the connecting rod to move up and down to drive the toggle plate to push the movable jaw to move to and fro, and in this way, the materials that go into the crushing chamber are crushed under the effect of impacting, squeezing and bending.

The main characteristics of the ferroalloy powerful crusher are as follows:

(1) High strength

This crusher has solid structure. The machine rack is welded with excellent steel plate, and the toggle plate and the eccentric shaft are all made of high-quality alloy steel. The strength of the whole machine is much higher than common crushers, so that it can crush all kinds of ferroalloy with compressive strength less than 1500MPa.

(2) Crushing chamber

The shape of the crushing chamber is changeable nip angle curving shape, and the nip angle decreases from the material feeding mouth. The main advantages of this shape of crushing chamber are easy discharging, high processing ability, even product granularity and high adaptability to high strength iron alloy.

(3) Toothed plate

The toothed plate is a spare part that directly crushes the materials, so that the service life of the toothed plate is an important index to measure the quality of the crusher. This crusher uses special high manganese steel, making its service life as long as 2000d.

(4) Toggle plate and toggle plate stand

The toggle plate and the toggle plate stand are the main transmission devices of the machine. The toggle plate and the toggle plate stand uses rolling structure, so that the friction is reduced.

(5) Connecting rod

The connecting rod is the main part to transform the rotation movement to linear movement, so that it needs to stand huge crushing force. The connecting rod of this crusher has higher strength and more reasonable structure, so that it can adapt to the requirement of many more crushing sites.

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