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Three Production Technologies of Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 19 Feb 2013 01:00:41

At present most of the engineering projects in China adopt vertical shaft impact crusher as the main production equipment for making sand, and the production technologies include dry method, wet method and half-dry method. The research on its production technology is conducive to further perfect its production technology in order to improve the quality of the concrete products.

impact crusher

(1) The traditional production technology of the vertical shaft impact crusher.

No matter “stone impacting stone” or “stone impacting stone”, the traditional production technology all adopts the process of “material feeding, crushing, screening and returning”. The features of this technology are simple process, low unit energy consumption.

(2) The combined sand making technology of vertical shaft impact crusher and rod mill.

In order to solve the problems of low containing of small sands and reach the goal of improving the output, this production technology is adopted. This production technology has the following features: stable quality of the final sand and good shape of the sand; high consumption of water and electricity and steel rod; high waste of stone powders and high use of water disposal fees.

(3) The new technology of sand making by vertical shaft impact crusher.

This new technology is new sand making technology using regular-speed and high-speed vertical shaft impact crusher. The stone materials are sent to the material feeding machine by the belt conveyor to the regular-speed vertical shaft impact crusher, after being crushed, the materials will be sent to the vibrating screen, and then the stone materials bigger than 5mm will be returned to the material stocking cab, and the rest will be sent to the high-speed vertical shaft impact crusher to be crushed again, and the recrushed stone materials and the stone materials smaller than 2.5mm will be sent to become the final products. This production technology is suitable for dry and half-dry method.

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