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Some Problems Appears in the Modern Development of Crushing Industry

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 08 Nov 2012 11:55:41

With the increasing strength of marketing competition of the crushing machine at this right minute, which has made a big difference to the development of our national crushing machine, and the continuously cooperating trade with the abroad also influences the developing pace of crushing industry. Then there must be some problems appearing in the mining machinery, and today we can invite some experts coming from Hongxing who can tell us something about the modern developing questions of crushing machine.

jaw crusher

At this right minute, the manufacturing experience of our national crushing industry is not so abundant, which can be found from two aspects, and one is the comprehensive experience on the crusher manufactured, which sometimes is in one situation of stopping; and the other is related to the fading of the international economy, which causes one commonplace situation of poor purchasing no matter whether it is at home or at abroad, and this is the reason we cannot pay much more attention to the innovation and researching on the mining machines.

The modern crushing industry has passed the period which relies on the advantage of labor whose salary is not higher and the cost of satisfying the environment any more, and Hongixng takes the standard of the international technology, and strictly requires the better quality. Sometimes the ordinary PE series jaw crusher is about 4 ton, which can be reaching to 6 ton once all the part pieces are added on the machine. Jaw crusher takes advantages of the automation technology, which can be designed in the operating cabin and the screening system, and the computer can save much more labor by diagnosing the problems appearing in the process of production line.

Even thought the development of mining machinery is in one rapid speed which cannot be comparing to, the manufacturing experience of crushing industry is in one situation of shortage, and the diversification of the equipment can let the customers have much more choice. How to win much more customers? The experts feel that one company can have the expanding room by relying on increasing the advantages of the equipment in the fiercer competition no matter whether it is at home and abroad, which is one short way to make the dreams come true.

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