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Main Parts and Working Principle of Compound Pendulum Jaw Breaker

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 07 Oct 2012 06:13:01

The compound pendulum jaw breaker is one of the most frequently used crushing equipment in crushing stone materials for medium granularity. Due to its simple structure, easy operation and convenient maintenance, it has become a crushing machine with the largest production and widest application. This series of crushing equipment can be sued for crushing rocks and ores with various hardness, and it is mainly used for coarse crushing in the large and medium mines.

jaw crusher

The compound pendulum jaw crusher of Hongxing Machinery is mainly composed of frame body, movable jaw parts, toggle plates, locking devices with pull-rod spring and driving devices. The jaw crusher has advantages of simple structure, reliable working, easy operation, convenient maintenance and low cost for equipment and production. It is widely used in metallurgy, mining, building materials, chemical industry and cement for coarse and medium crushing operations.

The jaw crusher is mainly composed of frame body, movable jaw part, toggle plates, locking devices with pull-rod spring and driving devices. The movable jaw is driven by motors for complex pendulum through triangle belt. Once the ores are poured into the crushing cavity crush, they will be extruded, split and bended due to the action of the swing jaw. The crushed ores will be discharged out at the moment when the swing jaw leaves the fixed jaw plate.

The working process of the compound pendulum jaw crusher , the top level swing of the movable jaw is about the lower part of the 1.5-fold, while the vertical swing is slightly less than the lower part of the entire movable jaw, vertical swing horizontal swing 2 to 3 times. Upper level swing of the movable jaw is larger than the lower part, to ensure a strong crushing effect of the upper jaw cavity, the bulk material is easily broken in the upper, the entire jaw pull uniform crushing effect, the increase in capacity. The same time, the movable jaw to move closer to the fixed jaw in the process of extrusion materials, at the top of the points along the fixed jaw downward movement, so that the material better gripping live jaw cavity, and the broken material as quickly as possible in the discharge . Therefore, under the same conditions, the production capacity of this type of crusher than the simple pendulum jaw crusher 20% to 30%.

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