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The Brief Information of Spiral Classifier

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 05 Oct 2012 01:11:52

As we know, spiral classifier which is also called screw separation machine and screw grader is one important machine in the process of production line of mining machinery. Spiral classifier named screw separator has occupied the national market in the developing process of the international competition. Today we will take up some time to introduce some information about screw grader, hoping that you can get the necessary information that you are looking for all the time.

spiral classifier

The Application of Screw Separation Machine

There are two types of akinsclassifier according to the equipment in the cabinet, one is single spiral classifier and the other is double spiral classifier, which are used for separating the qualified material from the raw material. We believe that you can get the basic information from its name. And the following we will introduce some information that you cannot know on surface.

Spiral classifier can be classified into four types, high weir type, immersed weir type, double spiral classifier and single spiral classifier. The akinsclassifier is widely used in the industries of heavy ore dressing and metallurgist in order to separate the mineral sand and the raw sand.

The Advantages of Screw Grader

Simple structure, reliable quality and easy operation are the main advantages of the screw separation machine, which can have the power to attract the attention of the customer no matter whether it is at home or abroad.

Above on is just the basic information of the akinsclassifier, which has been playing one important role in the development of the industry of mining machinery. Even though there is one spiral chute separator in the mining machinery, whose performance characteristics cannot compare with the screw grader. We just hope that all of the customers can get the suitable machine that you need in the future.

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