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Hammer Mill

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 29 Sep 2012 12:42:42

hammer crusher

Brief Introduction to Hammer Mill:

Hammer mill is a single-stage crushing machine that directly breaks the materials with the biggest granularity of 600-1800mm into materials with the granularity of 25mm or below. It is suitable for crushing medium hard materials in such industrial departments such as cement, chemistry, power station and metallurgy and for medium and fine crushing limestone, furnace clinker, coke and coal.

Types of Hammer Mill:

The hammer mill is composed by the machine box, rotor, and hammer, impacting plate and screening plate. The hammer crusher machine can be divided into many types, such as single-stage hammer mill, highly efficient hammer mill crusher, vertical hammering machine, irreversible hammer crusher machine. If the hammer of the hammer crusher machine is changed to be a steel ring coal crushing machine, then the machine will become a variant.

Unique Characteristics of Hammer Crusher Machine:

1. The working hammer adopts new technology so that it is highly resistant to abrasion and impacting.

2. The particle granularity of the materials produced by the hammering machine can be adjusted according to the requirements of the customer.

3. The structure of the hammer mill crusher is sealed up so that there is no powder pollution inside the crushing workshop and no ash leakage in the machine.

4. The whole machine is beautiful in the modeling and compact in the structure, and there is few easy wearing spare parts, and what is more, the repair and maintenance process is very easy and convenient, so that this machine is an ideal updating product.

Working Principle of Hammer Mill Crusher:

The hammering machine mainly crushes materials by relying on the impacting effect. The generally crushing process goes like this: after going into the crushing machine, the materials will be impacted and crushed by the hammer with high rotary speed, and the materials crushed will gain energy motion from the hammer and rush to the baffle and grate bar with high rate, and at the same time, the materials will also impact with each other. After being crushed for many times, the materials that are smaller than the gap between the grate bar will be discharged from the gap, and the bigger materials will impacted, ground and pressed by the hammer on the grate bar until the desired granularity is satisfied.

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