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Structural Features and Crushing Ratio of Spring Cone Crusher

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 23 Sep 2012 11:47:18

As one of the cone crushing machines, the spring cone crusher has many advantages such as high crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption, even product granularity and suitable for crushing hard materials. For this reason, this machine has been widely applied in many countries all over the world, and now the experts have improved it and adopt hydraulic device, thus making it perfect.


The spring cone crusher has a rotary rate 2.5 times higher an angle of oscillation four times bigger than that of the gyratory crusher. During this crushing process with high rotary rate and big stroke, the materials inside the crushing chamber are impacted by the movable cone and fast impacted by the big stroke. This type of impacting and crushing method is conducive to the crushing of the materials, for this reason, its crushing ratio is relatively high.

Since the spring cone crusher has high rotary speed and long stroke, the materials inside the crushing chamber are in a state of sliding along the surface of the cone more than 95% of the time, that is to say, at any instant, only 5% of the materials are crushed. Since the materials are sliding almost all the time, the go-through ability of the crushing chamber is high, and the crushing capacity of the spring cone crusher is high. In addition, on the part surface of the crushing chamber, high pressure on the unit surface of the materials will be produced so that this machine is ideal for crushing hard rocks.

The spring cone crusher is suitable for medium and fine crushing. The difference of the medium and fine crushing spring cone crusher lies in that the difference of the shape and size of the crushing chamber, and other structural principle is the same. The spring cone crusher produced by Hongxing Machinery can be divided into standard type, medium type and short-headed type according to the shape of the crushing chamber.

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