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Brief summary about screening machinery in mining world

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 08 May 2012 05:56:09

Generally speaking, in addition to the mechanical method, screening also includes the method of fluid particles grading. Mechanical screening is most used for screening incompact materials with a particles size between 100 ~ 0.05mm. The screening efficiency of materials with a particle size below that range is very low due to its condensation bond, so materials with a particle size between 50 ~ 5nm have to use barrel classification and air classifier base on fluid mechanics. The classifier screen materials by the different velocity of the particles in the sob medium (water or air) to classify the materials into different grain section.

The screening of gravel is classified into two kinds: dry and wet. It is generally required to screen the materials into two or more grades in industry, which need the sifter with a plurality of screen (mesh of different), arranged for processing and the arrangement has three kinds:

1) Fine screen surface are arranged in the same plane with the coarse screen surface, the order is from fine to coarse. The advantages are convenient operation and convenient to replace the screen surface, the screening material of all levels unloading from different ports, it is convenient to transport. Drawback is that coarse particles need go through fine sieve surface, which is easy to wear fine screen surface and often jam album hole.

2) Fine screen surface is vertical with the coarse screen surface, the course at the upper and the fine at the underneath, which has the advantages of small occupation area, fine sieve surface will not be worn by coarse grain and is beneficial to improve the screening quality. However, it is more difficult to repair and maintenance.

3) Mixing vibrating screen, which is the mixing of the above two alignment. Thus, it has the advantages of the both arrangement.

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