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Fine Management of the Coal Resource is Extremely Urgent

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 14 Mar 2014 11:53:52

Coal as the greatest natural resource has helped human beings to make much progress in the fields of water boiling, warming, ceramics firing and thermal power generation. People’s daily life can’t leave the important role that the electricity plays and the electricity is generated from the coal resource.

China is well known as the largest country of coal reserves in the world and the total quantity of the coal reserves may reach six thousand billion ton. However, we should keep being positive about the current situation. During the human activity period, coal is considered as the non-renewable resource for sure, so it’s our duty to think about the later generations. Moreover, the current Chinese mining enterprises keep the extensive operation mode for the coal resource, which leads to the intensification of the haze problem. Especially for those metropolitans with a large number of citizens gathering, the great demand for coal results in the environment pollution especially the air pollution.

Above all, we must realize that the fine management of the coal resource has become an urgent issue for the whole world from the aspect of energy saving and environment protection. As for the mining machinery industry, we should also not ignore the influence that coal resource has on. No matter for crushing or separating process, users should apply the most reasonable machine to make the most use of the coal resource. Our company has made the advanced coal mill to dry the coal powder with various degrees of hardness. The application of the coal mill has been proved to improve the combustion efficiency and the economic benefits.

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