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The Simple Classification of High Frequency Screen

AUTHOR: admin       DATE: 05 Oct 2012 02:15:29

The high frequency screen can be classified into the following three types according to the different usage and application of the raw material, one is high frequency mineral screen and the other is high frequency ore screen, and today we will introduce some basic information about the two frequency screens.

high frequency screen

The Application of High Frequency Mineral Screen

High frequency mineral screen also called mineral high frequency screen is one machine which is used to screen the qualified material from the raw materials at a high speed. The structure of mineral high frequency screen is formed by exciter, mash distributor, screen frame, bracket, hanging spring and screen mat.

The Advantages of Mineral High Frequency Screen

High efficiency, small amplitude, high separated frequencies are the main advantages of the high frequency mineral screen, which can boost the prospect of mining machinery. High efficiency is one element which can help the manufacturer save the cost and energy of the production line, perhaps this is just the most necessary thing that the manufacturer hopes to get all the time.

high frequency ore screen

The Usage of High Frequency Ore Screen

Frankly speaking, different high frequency screen is needed according to the different commendation of the customers whose satisfaction is just something that we want to reach all the time. In fact the high frequency ore screen is just used to screen the ore reaching the point of the level that the customers ask for, which can be the best choice if the customers use it to screen the raw material of ore.

Above on is just the different application of different high frequency screens, hoping that you can get the knowledge that you need.

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